How to Use

Knowing parts of stethoscope and magnetic stethoscope holder

Things to Know Before Using steth ‘n go:

  1. Pieces may require retightening. The magnet is screwed onto the hip clip by a black ring located on the back of the clip. Turn the ring clockwise to tighten. The steel piece is screwed onto the tube clip by a small screw. A hex L-key, 1/16″ size can be used to tighten the screw. Please contact us if you do not carry one.
  2. The steel tube clip will pinch the stethoscope tubing, but this will not interfere with its function.
  3. When the stethoscope is attached to the hip clip, a loop is created. Be aware of your surrounding as your stethoscope can catch onto things.
  4. A mechanical mechanism is built into the magnet and therefore your stethoscope can only be detached in the UPward direction.
  5. If there is a defect in the magnetic hip clip, it represents a manufacturing defect. Please contact us and we will send you a replacement.