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Many health care professionals carry Littmann stethoscopes.

We would be honored if you chose steth ‘n go to carry your stethoscope by your side.

Littmann Cardiology 3 & 4

Steth’n go works very well with this stethoscope.  It helps take away 6.2 oz of weight from around the neck.

Littmann Master Cardiology

Single-sided chestpiece and is the heaviest of the three weighing at 6.6 oz.

steth ‘n go is strong enough to carry this stethoscope by your side.

Featured Product

Magnetic Stethoscope Holder

EASY: attach and detach with only one hand. The stethoscope hangs from a single magnetic point.

SECURE: uses magnetic-mechanical technology such that detachment occurs only in one direction.

COMFORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT: magnetic hip clip weighs less than 1 ounce and is designed to rest softly against the hip

CONVENIENT & CLEAN: an easier way to keep track of a stethoscope and a more sterile way of carrying it. No more carrying a stethoscope around the neck, in a pocket of a bacterial colonized white coat or scrub pants.

MODERN LOOKING & BUILT TO LAST: non-bulky, sleek design with 10-year warranty. Parts are made of metal, magnet, and a strong, durable plastic material that can withstand the daily stressors of hospital life.

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